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Why Springtime is a great time to lose weight

May 18, 2017

Why Springtime is a great time to lose weight

Are you struggling hard to get moving with your weight loss goals? Then spring is one of the best times of the year available for you to kick start your weight loss initiatives. Here is a list of reasons to motivate you this Spring!


  1. Later sunsets

During the winter, darkness sneaks in around 4pm in the evening. Once darkness sets in, the desire to be active fights with the need to rest. Springtime brings in the Daylight Savings time change and gives you some light almost until 9pm! This leaves more time for outdoor activities so you will be able to start your workouts without having any excuses.


  1. No need of treadmills

Walking on a treadmill is great when it's dark out or rainy, but Springtime brings warmer days and more sunshine for walking, riding bikes, jogging and more! You can enjoy those outdoor activities you've been putting off during winter.


  1. You can find good company

If you go to the park during the spring season it's a lot easier to find a partner to go for a walk, or a workout buddy. This can deliver a motivation factor for you to stick to your weight loss goals.


  1. Fresh foods become more available

When Springtime arrives, it brings with it fresh local produce to grocery stores and farmers markets. Some of the best tasting salads are made with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and more from local farmers, so you have more healthy options for snacks and meals.


  1. More motivation to stay active

With the weather getting nicer, it's natural to want to spend more time outdoors. Going for long walks, enjoying the flowers and scenery, taking in some fresh air. Studies have found that people who are active outdoors tend to stay active longer and more often than those indoors.