Exercise Over Time – The Long Term Benefits

April 11, 2019

Exercise Over Time – The Long Term Benefits

It’s true that adopting healthy habits, such as exercising regularly or avoiding unhealthy foods is not easy but it’s definitely worth it. It can be challenging to start and stick to a fitness program but once you know the wonders it can do for your mind and body, you’ll be truly amazed.

“Running is not just exercise; it is a lifestyle.” John Bingham

Helps Control Weight

Exercising engages your muscles and entire body in physical activity that helps burn calories. The more intense workout you do, the more calories you’re likely to burn. Walking at a casual pace will burn some calories but walking at a brisk pace or doing regular fast bursts of speed will burn more in the same time.

Working out regularly will in time help tone your muscles and get you in shape, but it will also help keep your weight in control. Be sure to ask our friendly medical staff how you can benefit too!

Improves Overall Health

When you exercise daily, you’ll be able to prevent and manage a wide range of health problems. The long-term health benefits of exercise include the following:

  •             Reduction in the risk of heart disease and stroke up to 35 percent
  •             Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes up to 50 percent
  •             Strengthen bones and muscles
  •             Improves mood and mental health
  •             Lowers the risk of colon cancer by 50 percent
  •             Lowers the risk of osteoarthritis by 83 percent

“When it comes to health and well-being, regular exercise is about as close to a magic potion as you can get.” Tich Nhat Hanh

Relieves Symptoms of Depression and Improves Healthy Brain Function

For those struggling with depression, exercise is the best way to fight back. Regular exercise has proven to relieve symptoms of depression as it helps release the feel-good brain chemicals like dopamine and endorphins. Endorphins help suppress pain and stress, thereby making you feel good.

Aerobic workouts can provide the best results for overcoming depression. Aerobic exercise elevates the heart rate, which improves blood circulation to the brain. This further helps promote healthy brain functioning and ensures balanced brain chemistry. All these factors have shown positive benefits in managing and overcoming depression.

Makes a Positive Impact on Aging

According to a study conducted by the Harvard Medical School, among the many long-term benefits of exercise also includes positive effects on aging. For example, with age:

  •             The heart rate increases, however, exercise can help decrease it
  •             Metabolic rate reduces but exercise can help increase it
  •             Body fat increases. Exercising regularly helps decrease body fat


In a nut shell, exercise is great for both your body and mind. Speak with our friendly staff to see how you can integrate regular exercise into your daily lifestyle so you too may enjoy the long-term benefits it has to offer. Exercise regularly and stay happy, healthy and fit for many years to come!