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2 New Coffee Recipes!

March 05, 2018

2 New Coffee Recipes!

Take care of your coffee cravings with two delicious drink recipes. Enjoy a tasty drink and save calories!


Iced Mocha

The all-in-one energy drink with a rich mocha flavor! This is a delicious treat for our coffee lovers.

  1. Pour 12-14 oz. of water into shaker
  2. Add one serving (2 scoops) of CLICK Espresso Protein Drink for 30-60 seconds
  3. Pour over ice

Calories: 120. Protein: 15 grams. Carbs: 12 grams.

Raspberry Hot Mocha

Did you know hot drinks cool you down faster? It's true! Try this favorite...


  1. Combine milk, water and raspberry syrup in tall glass or large mug.
  2. Add CLICK and mix together thoroughly.
  3. Optional: Top with low-fat whipped cream.

Calories: 190. Protein: 19 grams. Carbs: 20 grams.


And for you caramel lovers out there, we also carry Click Caramel Protein Drink !